Build a house without crafting tools!

I will have sestus bring back the other sever.


So another day is done. Level 60 and nothing can really stop me and Camelia anymore! Nothing is not certain however because when I visit the sunken city to gain the deep fishing recipe my poor Camelia almost died

We visited all the southern jungle, and the Buccaneers Bay, then we did some runs in the Summoning place and Yog was merciful since we managed to find a witch doctor and obtain his mask! Luck is necessary to everything I suppose. Some runs in Sinners Refuge gave us great joy, giving us Mr Grrr, @Larathiel, @Croms_Faithful and @SirBowen! Last but not least we have a Yogs chosen priest and Mrs Alumit Anvilbrow!
What a great bonus to own the mask and the Asuras armor! A bunch of demi broken picks of stone and iron gave us almost 25 k stones with the hardworker perk. Didn’t have to change attributes either. The progress may not be still visible but it’s there. We didn’t craft a tool, we didn’t craft a weapon, we didn’t craft an armor piece, still we are there!

Closing… Some traditions are to be held, see you tomorrow :wink:


Be careful out there my friend. We are rooting for you.

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I want to see Camilla

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Another day full of exploring and adventure ends!

In my program for today was to go on north jungle and visit new Asgard! Instead of this I stayed in exile and darfari lands to populate my land with crafters since @Multigun spawned twice today and it made me super exited! So to celebrate this joy I decided to stop for awhile this plan and enjoy the game the way I like it! This should be gaming and nothing else than joy!
So I visited my number one fun place of both maps, unnamed city! I started with my favorite and easier opponent, you can defeat this guy literally with every weapon. Ofcurce I wanted to slay him with my brand new adventurers blade, now that I gained the Nemedian helmet durability is not an issue anymore.

I played this fight with fear since I had some time to do it in barbaric mode solo, but when I understand that I can handle it then…

The bat was a bit difficult I must say, at the end it was me or the bat, hopefully it was me :rofl:

One thing that I want to mention here that for me it has great importance!!!
Camel behavior is outstanding, you ask from the animal to attack nothing, then order 30 meters away, then before you engage you order stop, look how far away she waits

Then you order to come and look

Amazing isn’t it? All this time I never happen to play with this animal and it is so pity because they have made an outstanding work with camels. For me they are back in the game totally, I just wish they were replacing horses and not thralls, this however deserves it’s own topic, now back to the game :joy:. The other fellow bosses fell like cartons too!

So even In barbaric mode, just with legendary weapons, without armor, you cannot say the 2 darfari looted pieces and the Nemedian helmet, “armor”!!!
Imagine what anyone can do with more firepower, or with his main weapon, for example my main is the ancient lemurian axe the festering one and the executioners axe! With the redeemed silent legion armor, the executioners hood and the weapons above this would be a walk in the park!
I love unnamed city, simple as that :blush:, I would do the snake too but I didn’t had a good number of antidotes and my healing way is still weak aloe potions and rough bandages, this snake hits really hard and it’s best to go really well prepared.
So I returned home, farm some materials with the almost broken tools I looted today and I fixed my first tier 3 benches.

The benches will help me to achieve my goal faster, other than that their durability is greater so the way I am right now it’s best to have better durability on my crafting stations.
Day 4 is over, not bad at all I say, goodnight!

Ps. @Wak4863 can you check the camel behavior if it changes in 3.0 please, it would be really pity if they change :pensive:. Thanks in advance!


The one I started to do!
(No crafting weapons, only loot!
No crafting tools only loot!
No followers except a camel…
No map room use!).

I sat down on my own account today (I got sick and I am not working) and I fixed this pilot

I counted the materials I need for the main building
5228 hardened bricks
1592 shaped wood
1326 hardened steel
Ofcurce I am going to need more materials to fix all the benches deco etc…
There is no point playing pve without decor :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
By the way thank you for the 3 dlcs you gifted to me from the fashion competition :blush:.
So building in khitan is to honor you for this jesture!
So later on I will explore the map more and I am sure that today these materials will be gathered!
I don’t know how I will end this still, but yes, on my mind is to go and gather the artifacts to remove my bracelet and leave exile lands with Camelia :rofl:.

Ps. Ofcurce I am going to repeat this in an official server for the integrity of the challenge!
I lost the “craft a tool” because I fixed a repair hammer and “craft an iron tool” because I fixed an iron truncheon so I will not fix these on the official server no matter if they are allowed!


Day 5
And here we are…
Before this, the highlight of the day, this fight was the most difficult I ever did in this session so far, but it worth it, I may have used more than 15 potions to make it, but I got my ticket out of exile lands, the executioners axe!

@CodeMage once said,
“I like to organize a small shack and when I am ready to build my base making others to scratch their heads wondering, when did this happened?”
We share the same madness brother!

It’s not something huge, yet it’s a fully equipped pve base tier 3!
It took me 5 days but to be honest more or less 40 gaming hours, it was almost a full time job. But I enjoy it nonetheless and for God’s sake, I didn’t focus on the mission, I had my fun. I reacted like I play normally, I never rush anything, I just organize a bit and let the things flow alone!
Tomorrow the rest, I only miss the star of the champion :wink:!


The final act!
After I gained an axe which is my main weapon I could see no boundaries anymore! So what the heck, I went in Sobek cave :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Jungle has the most beautiful sunsets for me, I really regret every time that in pve servers I never build in these spots.

The rest is flowing water

Before I leave the exile lands I made the Yogs religion armor and weapon, I went on kings Niche but ofcurce the skeleton was not there, so I let it be and I went to a fight I really love to do alone. The fight with this boss is a dance, flawless!!!

Me and Camelia are ready to leave the exile lands…

This challenge was done in single player barbaric mode! The only tweaks I did was the respawn timers, I place it on 3 so my respawns of npcs was done every 20 minutes. Plus I changed the crafting timers to 0,5 because in single player your benches work only when you play :man_shrugging:.
I will do the same challenge in an official server for the integrity of it!
Guys, it was fun, I enjoy it a lot, try it :wink:.


Jungle is my default home. The majority of folks hate it there and with the upcoming Teimos nerf, there really isn’t a reason for others to be there…plus the wild life announces visitors pretty readily so it’s hard to sneak up on you.


Jungle is hard to learn and very easy to hide, even if someone knows jungle really well you can still be under his nose and he won’t notice! For your playstyle I am 1000% convinced jungle is your home too :rofl::rofl::rofl:. This difference in biomes and neccecity for each. What a game!


Great adventure :+1: When the game gets the 3.0 update, we will be able to take on even wilder challenges! :crazy_face:

How about a base in a dungeon? :heart_eyes:

On private server and single player we will be able to enable building anywhere, even in dungeons. Without any mods! The sunken city :ocean: is probably the most peaceful, unless someone build a base on the final boss :shark: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: But apparently purge doesn’t work there… :roll_eyes:

:spiral_notepad: Note: Screenshots from Testlive.

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Simply unbelievable @fito, @Croms_Faithful must see this, what you have done is outstanding, did you use mods or you managed stability on water?


No mods, only 3.0 update, but I didn’t build it on water. I was able to build a foundation on the boat :man_rowing_boat: that was already in the dungeon.

The only problem is, you can’t climb in dungeons, so that’s why i had to build a stairs on the side - which looks strange.

This will be by far the best place for a ship-base :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I forgot to add at all that you can even change the stability settings and build ridiculously large ships :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
It’s amazing for builder-player type! :woozy_face:

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Since I cannot video my efforts, integrity is necessary! Other than that these efforts takes a lot of hours and it would take a great session of episodes to video this effort! Hopefully official servers exist, so achieving goals on official servers is more or less integrity!
So I started 3 days ago as soon I finished on my Single player

I managed to gear my self punching exiles, I went for the watchers blade and I took my first world boss, so it was time for unnamed city to gain gold for my camel and traveling for my routine across the map, so guess what?
Every single time guys, every single time!

Then I return back level 44 to fix a small shack put my camel on a pen and continue tomorrow!

The next day (I love online) my Camelia was ready…

We went again almost all around the map killing and gathering.
No tool was crafted or repaired!
No weapon was crafted!
No armor was crafted!

A last glimpse in the house I just fixed and it will be demolished really soon :joy:.

Chaos mouth.

This challenge took place on official 3049

Let’s go Camelia, we will be back soon, don’t worry :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Thank you for reading!


For @Ragnaguard


do it on a pvp sever with known undermeshers? hard mode…activated

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It has to be a private one! There are no official servers with barbaric mode. It’s not impossible, I will just have to hide in jungle for awhile and it might take about 2 or 3 weeks, not only from the cheaters but from the form of the game too, it’s pvp, someone will notice you and follow you so the next day you spawn in desert :joy:. So you’ll have to start over again! It’s not impossible however :wink:

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You my friend can do anything i only dream of. And you do it well. Starting out with nothing and ending with a base of your own is amazing
I think i am going to try your way in an offline game. This is so no one can see vjust how many times i die. LOL

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Everybody dies, everybody. If someone says different then he lies! Yes I recoment the civil difficulty to learn your paths and your enemies. If you know what you are going to face and what you need to do it, then barbaric will be easy for you too. I am no better fighter than you and I’ve seen you fighting, I have just done it a lot of times.