Build into the mountains HELPPP

some chinese people build into the mountains and say they are not afraid to be banned
all the players on the server are disturbed and many people left the game because of these cheaters are

please do something…

Platform : PC
Cordinate : looks in the pictures
Revision : 1092

Trick structures :
https:// ibb. co/dxiaEf
https:// ibb. co/eBhP70
https:// ibb. co/kbP470
https:// ibb. co/et7JZf
https:// ibb. co/fnDgn0
https:// ibb. co/gzyE70
https:// ibb. co/gG61n0
https:// ibb. co/cMXwLL

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youtube. com/watch?v=8rMB1xHl1wc

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