Build limit and Character cap

One or both of these is needed asap.

My pve conflict server is under attack by a new troll clan of low levels, theyre spaming foundations around everyone’s bases, blocking tunnels and entrances and then making sure that at least one of them is in the correct distance to where the decay timer refreshes, then they all log off around pvp time, and come back to keep trolling and clog up the population cap.

A clan build limit would solve this, meaning you cant build a certain amount of distance away from your clan.

A character cap would also solve this, so players who have already been building here can at least log in so thier stuff doesnt decay.

The clan has already dismantled 3 high level bases in the area and taken all of thier stuff due to them clogging up the population

They never log out either, and since there’s an idle kick now, they must have something tilting their thumb stick