Build over a raid

so apparently you can stop a raid by building over it. now i don;t mind people repairing and what not and even adding stuff, but to build over a grease fire to stop it is a bit much.

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Agreed they need to do something

I see no problem with it. If they have active defense why not?

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that’s not active defense, to stand in a fire and build as you are burning. repair yes not place foundation over the fire. if it was reasonable to attack someone naked running up with foundation then yes, hell i myself was able to stand pretty much in the fire without taking damage.

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I spoke and warned developers. This is only the beginning, soon people will be angry. I already created themes about this.

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no yours is a bit different you want people to not be able to repair at all. like in real life if a house is engulfed in flames you don;t start placing new lumber in the fire to put it out. you use water to put it out first then repair / build.

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You can not repair in real life, if your house is on fire. And to build so even more so. I say this is just the beginning. In this game came for PVP content. And people will be angry.

If this extinguishes already burning fire - this is too much and should be fixed. If newly placed objects are immediately set aflame and start loosing durability - it’s fine.

Can you please explain why it is not active defense?
And we have smashed up such kind of base with active defense yesterday. Yes it was expensive raid, but we done it.

because he did not just place a block to stop the fire like a foundation on foundation. because we blew a door you can’t put a foundation infront of a door frame. this guy managed to place one at a angle where the corner was in the door way blocking us. If he replaced the door, i would not have a problem.

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