Build pieces place @ Zero durability and break at specific location after server reboot

Online official
Server: 1771 (and all other servers)

At a specified location of the map, at a particular height, building pieces will begin placing at zero durability and destroy on server restart. This could not be replicated on single player mode. only Official.

  1. Location: The Tower to the west of the tradeway. D9
  2. Layer the entire platform with foundations flush with the entire area up top.
  3. Place 1 set of ceilings 2 platforms out from the foundations only (yes you can do more, but don’t, this should give you 60 durability in some areas, 80 in others if done correctly)
  4. Place foundations 3-4 high on top of those ceilings and check the durability on each.
  5. Inspect the durability on each foundation placed.

I’ve created a short video to reflect my findings. And for a guy with some form of OCD, having this gaping hole in an otherwise flush flat roof is not only breaking for pvp, but destroys me every time I look at it.

Removed, can’t post links…

Cure my sanity.

If you want to share a video, break the link. put [space] or (dot) or something to replace “.”, someone will rewrite the link and share.

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While I would have. I would have found that to be slightly bending/breaking the Funcom forum rules that were in place. So out of respect, I refrained from doing so. However I did post a similar link on Conan Exiles reddit page with the link included.

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