Building add-on/Fix

So, while in the process of playing with the building mechanics, i decided to construct a castle idea I’ve had for a while now. It’s been going smoothly and it is looking good so far but there’s a bit of a snag.
You see, most of mt exterior and internal support walls are actually made of stacked foundation, because they are sturdy and relatively simple and easy to work with. Now, as many who have built large scale fortresses know, that when you make the decision to build walls with foundations you have to make a few holes to put windows and doors to move around the fortress. In a simplistic design where you would use only square foundations, this isn’t a problem because you have the ability to build the square ceiling tiles over the hole you made and be able to continue building upward with the foundations because the square ceiling has a compatible snap point with the bottom of the square foundation.
There’s just one problem: I’m not just building a simple shape, and you cant do that with the triangles. the wedge panels don’t allow for that kind of work around like the square ones do. And I for one would like to see that particular little kink ironed out. Thank you for your time and consideration.
If anyone has had more experience with this issue, please let me know any solutions to this.

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