Building and Stability Rant + Bugs with it

It is extremely frustrating to see that tilted components take a bigger hit in stability then regular ones.

for example if i build a tower with a 4 long overhang
i can build a wall at the end, but not a sloped wall
why not just stick with 4 for everything

trying to build something more creative then a box you run into something like that sooner or later…
at first i thought the snapping just sucked, but no the mechanic behind it is not reasonable.

Ohh and a little bug for you: i was unable to build a wall on top of a right-sloping inverted black ice-reinforced wall. had to use a left sloping one that broke the outside pattern.
attached to the same wall, the left sloping one has 75 and the right sloping one 80 stability.

stairs are amazing for bridges, i can build a wall, then attach 6 stairs in a up down up down up down pattern, add a ceiling at the end and i am even able to place walls at that end (on that wall i can not place stairs or ceilings)… that is 7 distance, where regular ceilings only reach 4.

i do not know or care who came up with these weird rules, but maybe make it more understandable.

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anyone want to justify mentioned behaviours?

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