Building Bug having to build from 5 or 6 blocks out as well as placeables

General Question… So when building some times it works normally, that Id be able to get up close to the building piece and be able to place it and it works just fine. Other times it would make me stand at least 5 to 6 blocks away to place the piece. Which in turn makes it extremely aggravating and some what difficult to build and place things exactly the way I want them to be placed. We’ve done server restarts to try and fix it but some how it always seems to find away back to having to place things at a distance of 5 to 6 blocks away. I have re validated my game files several times. The server owner has also switched the mod list around as well to see if that would fix it as well as done several restarts. Is there anything that we may have over looked on this bug or is this a pretty common bug going through out the entire game? Its extremely annoying. Yes we are running about 5 mods and AOC.

What message you get when it makes you build 5/6 blocks away ? ( the only thing I’m thinking of is are you building with someone else , and if so , are you in the same clan ? )

I don’t have mods installed but never ( even with dlc ) had I had to build far from any of my own clan building pieces only the altars that can’t be placed near each others .

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