Building Bug or?

Game mode: (Online private)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type:
Region: USA

So I logged on after finishing a new building…to find it partially destroyed…no purge in the event log…no recent activity in the area beyond a few stability issues. Which is no problem…but as I go to rebuild and add in more support here and there all of the sudden the game isn’t letting me place foundation pieces (or any pieces for that matter) on certain spots…spots where I previously had foundations. I reset the server…I relogged none of this has helped. I’m not sure what to do at this point. My base is right on the northern part of Eyelet lake,Basically right where the points meet of 12/13 and c/d on the grid. On the edge of where building is allowed.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Go to the northern part of the frozen lake.
    2.Build a base right on the edge of where you are allowed
    3.Come back two days later to see destruction
  2. Try to replace some of the foundation pieces that were damaged or destroyed randomly by an unknown cause.

I may be able to help with the ‘unknown cause’, Eva, but not the replacement part.

Please see the map on this page and you will notice that you are in an asteroid impact zone. I have lost entire buildings to meteorites on the left side of the lake. It takes a while, but assuming your private server runs 24/7, it has a while.

Replacing blocks at that spot was the same as everywhere else, some would not allow placement, but the known workarounds fixed that.

Good luck !



Yea, I had wondered about meteorites being the cause. My biggest issue is not being able to lay down foundations where I know it let me place them previously. Seems strange. Any tips? @Jim1

Sure, and others may have more, but server restart may have already dismissed the following things I try, in order …

  • Various angles, many, many various angles. Sometimes not being able to place means a supporting block is missing. If you are looking at the place where you want to put the block, and the ghost disappears, try placing it. You may now be able to place where you originally intended.

  • Moving the supply (split) into two toolbar slots and alternating.

  • Porting/running away and returning (well out of render distance).

  • Relogging.

  • Restarting client.

  • Removing adjacent foundation(s) and rebuilding from another direction.

  • Await server restart and try again.

Are you getting an error message, such as ‘cannot build here’?

Good luck !



Hey @Eva

Additionally to what @Jim1 said, is there any mods running in your server? Some of these issues are usually related to the use of mods.

One of my players has a maproom near the Frost Temple obelisk. The building has been hit twice, in one case I saw the culprit lying next to the building.

And in that case replacing foundations was frustrating, too, because they could not be placed where the rim of the map is. To enclose the building it was designed rather small, thus picking up the map is not an option, because it cannot be placed again in such a small room.

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