[Building bug] Ramp Corner socket problem


Some time ago I was unable to finish my pyramid building, because the ramp corners could not be placed without a floor underneath them. After Blood and Sand I was surprised that this was changed and I was finally able to finish the construction. However just today, I traveled between biomes and upon returning noticed the corners collapsed again and I am not able to place them again. I restarted the game and the sockets were working once again.

Could anything be done to make the sockets for Corner Ramp always work when placed between two solid ramp tiles? Building pyramids is otherwise impossible without a perfectly flat ground (to make foundations barely visible), or raising the whole construction level above ground with foundations which would not look very good.

Repro steps:

  1. Build two lines of foundations on X and Y axis, meeting with a shared corner
  2. Build two lines or ramps, metting with a Ramp Corner tile
  3. Now build a line of ramps below the current one, reaching into the ground
  4. Try to place a Ramp Corner
  5. Try traveling between biomes. Relog. Log a few days later. See if the ramp stays or collapses.


Hey @Ramazon

Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the frustration. We’ve sent this to our team so they can look into it.


Thanks Ignasis, no worries! I just thought that pyramids are kind of a staple structures so many players might want to build them sooner or later.

I didn’t get a repro after re-launching the game so it seems it was caused by me moving biomes. I teleported from my map room to the Mounds of the Dead, and later returned through another map I placed at the Dragonmouth entrance, to the Klael’s Stronghold’s obelisk. That was when I returned to my base near Muriela’s Hope, when the corners collapsed yesterday.

Edit: It’s like some sort of decay problem (I have it disabled in my single player). I remember that back in the beta the flora liked to grow back even inside the buildings after you died or traveled far away. Could be related maybe?

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Thanks for the extra bits of information :slight_smile: . We’ve relayed them to our team.

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