Building concerns related to upcoming changes with 3.0

I have been browsing the forums over the past few weeks since 3.0 was officially teased.

While I realize the sample of people participating on the forums is not necessarily representative of the general population of people playing the game, there are a few things that have me concerned specifically with some of the changes scheduled with the 3.0 release.

Specifically, building and land claim abuse tickets being used to clear groups out in a somewhat arbitrary fashion.
Realizing that this is a thorny issue, I do not want to discuss the merits of that topic directly, rather share what I think may become a bigger issue as we move forward.

One of the things announced was point to point teleportation altars.
In order for this system to be effective, players will need to place multiple structures across the map.

I am worried that the fun factor of trying out the new game mechanics introduced could be seriously affected by current trends.
If people start reporting folks because they don’t like where others have placed their teleportation altars, or making a claim that people have too many structures across the map, and an adequate review of that type of report is not conducted, many folks may have an unpleasant experience and get banned/blocked or lose all their structures.

I hope that something like this does not occur, but I wanted to share my concern.


Actually I think these teleporters are a response to the map room builds littering the map. The footprint of these teleporters are significantly less than a maproom and therefore less landclaim.

Also it will also depend on access in these teleporters. If they are open to all, placement of these teleporters are touchy at best and won’t be too abused in PVP settings.

If the teleporters are locked to only be usable in clan…oh my…no one is going to be able to find my bases…ever as I bounce from 5 different locations to the exit/entrance. Good luck reporting a 5X5X6 teleport junction in the ignored parts of the map.

The teleport thing is so seriously flawed for pvp lol

in no way is it a good thing for pvp


Oh I beg to differ there. My building creative juices are overflowing with possibilities and defenses.

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Response to map room builds littering map?
It won’t solve issue, it will make people build even more structures for even better and safer fast travel, I don’t understand why You think people will ‘litter’ less with fast travel huts…

It will highly depend on how teleporters work / what limitations are but even if it will be very limited - it will make more littering.

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I don’t think # will change, but the size of the litter will matter. Maprooms are huge monstrous things while these teleporters are quite small in comparison. I don’t think I’m the only one that sees 4 to 5 different clans putting up public maprooms at Sepermeru and then beautifying the area around it. Even in PVP this goes on. Reduce that to a smaller size and the urban sprawl effects are lessened.

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In a private server once I spend over a week building map room constructions on admin mode. Ofcurce before the rendering issues :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Yet, I still cannot know before I witness how things will be and evolved. I have my worries too, it’s reasonable, yet too many worries may destroy the happiness of “new”. I keep my post, I will welcome the changes, play first, worry later :wink:.


I would hold judgement of portals till you can see how they work firsthand.


If those teleporters will be limited to let’s say 1 then people will just build that + map rooms to have a lot more viable transit ways.

If it will be unlimited feature / possible to have many then people will build a lot of shacks to use it.

Either way i think it can be neat feature but should have some limits.

I wish i was that optimistic but im worried that something like that may be vulnerable to abuse and Funcom is not known for fast exploits / gamebreaking bug fixes unfortunatelly - if something goes wrong it usually stays that way for some long time.

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Look, pointing mistakes of the past is not encouraging either for them or for you. Mistakes are always experience. We know that the engine they work is “limited”, yet they try to do the best they can. We are players to many years now, we know that the content is big on this game and there are a lot pros and cons in each decision. I prefer to see the glass of water half full, half empty is not my way.
Whatever comes m8, I am ready and happy to accept it. I hope for the best, because I prefer to live this way :grin:.

Reporting people for building is the ban Meta right now. Everybody knows that. And if Funcom doesn’t know, then that means they’re not paying attention. I said it before. I’m gonna say it again. Build limit. And teleport pads need to be limited too.

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I say the same thing. Things should be enforced in the code not by some admin emotion that day. Thr rules are still vague. I done bylaws before and the rules state of clarification or definition is non-existent.

Its basically dont mess stuff up. if you do youl be banned, its a code of honor as it is. point. If you have 9 massive structures that cause lag… your done. If you have structures over a crucial point or a reasource… your done. If you place pallisades inside of a dungeon or block it off your done. If the official server has 30 people on 15 bases and half of them are you… your done…

This is my interpretation of the bans, but then again i play pvp servers, so we have our own natural evictions, and remedies.

EDIT: I Miss alpha clans leaving bases and resources across the map, but this is just my interpretation of what ive seen and heard

I think they know it. I have seen a transition in the complaints on here now…from ‘I got banned for no good reason’ to 'i got banned but I was the one reporting ’

This tells me that they are being more discerning in their review and will punish the report if they are being exploitive.

Now they still have an issue with communication of the ToS and that is a tricky thing to do since you gotta balance cold hard Truth bombs that upset customers with vague generic phrasing that tells nothing that also upsets customers.

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More ways for us to get banned is all this really is

Those require a lot of dragonpowder and generate stacks of salt.

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