Building crafting cost Reduction Gloves


hey all,
for PVC/PVE servers where building are indestructible,
why isn’t there a way to reduce building recipes cost, the same way we can reduce the cost of crafting item by using higher-level thrall, why there isn’t an item that we wear and it will reduce the crafting cost of building pieces, and its durability decreases every time we craft something. maybe this item we learn through power fragment scrolls or talking to certain NPC, or maybe its an item that only drop from certain boss, but it will be very useful to have in-game.

hope you like the idea, thank you

for those who like to craft castles and be creative on PVE, and PVC, I think this concept won’t harm the game.

Because this will lead to even bigger bases with minimal effort and will also lead to more foundation griefing… which r the two main problems in pve…
I find prices logical…

makes scene yeah , thank you

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