Building Damage on SinglePlayer Server

I am trying to test the amount of damage various building styles absorb by building and then using explosives. No matter what I do to the server settings the building pieces do not take damage.

What am I missing? Or is it not possible to damage your own buildings in singleserver mode?

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@LordKAA and @SirDaveWolf in the past told me this, so I know now. Not only you have to allow it from your admin mode, but you have to restart the game too so it will work… And it will, have fun m8 :+1:t6:.

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As in the screenshot above, make sure that box is checked and building damage should be active, a restart shouldn’t be needed.


What @Azazane said + PvP enabled is what you need. It won’t work without PvP enabled.


At least on Playstation you have to restart the game too, I don’t know about pc, it’s not 2 weeks that @SirDaveWolf gave me this hint and it worked for me

You can test with a trebuchet and demon fire barrage too.

Then you will understand, that the best is to build a small box in the jungle to hide :slight_smile:

Thanks! A restart did the trick.

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