Building damage time (compromise offline raiding solution)

As a lot of people on pvp servers know, there is a tension between the freedom to raid whenever you want and the bad sportsmanship of only raiding offline players/clans. The restrict pvp building damage settings helps address this, but is not a great solution for players with nonstandard gaming hours. I propose a new server setting to compliment the others that is optional called: Offline PVP Building Damage Buffer Time

It will be a time setting between 00h:00m:00s and say 23h:59m:59s and it will be the time duration AFTER a player logs out where his/her buildings are still vulnerable to PVP damage. For clans this will start counting after every member is offline.

Example, I play on a PVP building damage server that has unrestricted raid times. The server owner enables this setting and makes it 1:00:00. If I log out at 8pm, my buildings can still be damaged by hostile players and purges until 9pm.

I believe this will help prevent premeditated offline raiding while having a non-zero time will also prevent players from logging out to gain immediate building invulnerability.