Building elements not showing sign outside/inside

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Region: [Europa]

Building elements not showing sign outside/inside

  1. Then turning them, you can’t see outside/inside sign
  2. Need FAST fix!!

Are you using any mods, like my LBPR stuff?

I assumed this was tied into deactivating the nameplates! I hadn’t even considered LBPR could be responsible.

Stay strong, Multigun. My heart goes out to you.

Thanks Robathon. And ya, it probably is the culprit. All 3 of the blueprints I messed with to get LBPR to work were updated in the official update. I meant to have an update out today, but ya…;( I’ll be pecking away at it though.

I completely understand, and I appreciate your efforts.

What is LBPR ?
Oh I see ( Less Building Placement Restrictions) and yes I use it. Btw I read your last comment, sry to read about your dog and hope it will work out for your dog and you.

Thank you. Doggo’s prognosis is looking better then it was, cross your fingers. I just updated the base LBPR, so if you are using that version, the issue should now be resolved. If you are using one of the other 3 versions of LBPR, I’m working on them right now.

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Thanks alot it work perfect now :sunglasses:

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