Building Hammer... Mod remove it, or Option?

This was when I started to like the hammer

The building hammer works. Let’s not break it.

I really like the cross-tab views in the menu selection. Funcom implemented all the ideas I had about it. I really wanted the stickiness of the last item selected to build. We got it. :+1: :+1: :+1:

It does this on PC and Ps4 in SP.

PC runs this thing at max, no hicups. I find it werid how some of menus act, or how on screen prompts take forever to switch or even bother load in.
I find myself constantly using r2/l2 to move objects when lining them up to figure which its on.

The switch to Dpad drives me up wall, since I already have a finger on triggers, and over button and thumbs on sticks. (years of armored core, so double finger on top of l2 and l1 kinda deal)
Always having to stop moving… to get to dpad.
and Who ever decides Dpad on Xbox needs to be shot into the Sun. Thumbs don’t bend that way. Its just out of reach…that I have to slide my hand abit…

If I could ps4/5 controller to work proper on my PC… might not be issue. I gave up on resyncing it. (I’m 100% sure everytime MS updates my PC, they mess with any of my Sony Devices. (Every update cause my psp needed resync…) And keep installed MS Edge… (which I will promptly delete…)

Rebinding it ^…might work. But build hammer would need to be switchable via radials wheel and not cancel.

I’d have preferred a build bench with a radius of use. And Hold Keybind to start building mode with its own hot keys separate from Belt, So i didnt have to swap out my items.
Skip whole make hammer and equip hammer part. If gonna go “gameplay” Just go full gameplay QoL with it. And drop RP mode of Hammer.
Heck you can just make hammer a visual. So other player know your in build mode and prime for smacking, XD


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