Building inside villages

i personally think it might be a good idea to enable us to build structures inside npc camps, but in order to balance it npcs will constantly damage the structure, exactly like purge nps, until destroyed. it would enable players to build temporary bases for various purposes such as building a trebuchet base to raid a nearby player base or to build a room for protection if low on health. i also think we should be able to place thralls there, they would already be vulnerable as they don’t have any armor and only have weak weapons.

Bases stop NPC spawns.

Also this just encourages people to wall off spawns for profit or trolling. This was allowed in beta and it was horrid.

Just build close enough that you can run back and forth easily. Run away and heal if you need health.

If you really want to build in camps there’s a mod for it on Steam if you’re on PC.


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