"Building is not Allowed Here"

In my experience it would be better to avoid these areas marked in red as much as you can. They are marked that way for a reason and as much as I agree that you should be able to build anywhere you want in single player, even if you’re not building on the red but near it…things don’t always go smoothly.

Example I can give is, I like to build in this one area and I thought I was far enough away from a NPC camp that was near by. Things went fine for the first couple months but as time went on the NPC’s stopped spawning and I was also getting horrible lag near the red zone and if I went down to where the NPC camp was the lag was even worse. Even though there were no NPC’s there anymore. Ripping out a section of my base that was close to the red “no build here” didn’t work. So I ended up wiping the whole thing.

This is not always a bad thing. I’ve rebuilt my base 3 times so far and each time I rebuild I always come up with better Ideas and the base looks better overall. I know that time is an asset and things can get really frustrating sometimes but maybe take what I’ve said into consideration. Like with anything, the more you do the better you get at it.

Ok I have now given this one month for the team to investigate, and no one has gotten back to me as off yet. I feel that I have been quite patient with regards to this inquiry. I still require assistance from a CM here please.


Likely they didn’t specifically fix that bug, but inside all the updates it was corrected because they new code corrected it organically.

The best approach forward, as @Multigun is inferring, is to create a suggestion post instead of a bug, that asks for a SP setting that allows for players to turn that off. The catch is, turning it off may “destabilize” other codes that require it off in no build zones. That is where it may be limited or undoable.


I jumped into my offline game where I test builds and materials. I had built on the river fairly close to a small camp further east of your position nearer to the broken bridge on the center island.

I found that I cannot place anything on the side of the building closest to the camp, but I can on the opposite side. It seems the no build zone was extended for all camps, and buildings already in the radius remained, but cannot be expanded that direction.

That might be the issue.


Online and offline i build a wheel of pain at the black hand ship. Now I can’t. I know exactly how far I was able to build. I would say the no building zone extended 30-40 meters

@community is there a map with all no building zones?


Perhaps. If they would just take some time to come here and discus the particulars, we may actually be able to quell some of the disenchantment which this outcome has brought about.

I did that over one month ago also, I am kind of surprised you missed it.

I couldnt say. Again if they would come and discuss this in greater detail, we would have a better understanding. But that aside, another option could be to transform the ‘fewer building restrictions’ console command, which Narelle said permits players to build up to 100 pieces in no build zones, into an Admin Setting so that console players can also use it.


My experience exactly! Its not just that places which ‘should’ have been no build zones are. Its that existing ones have seemingly been extentded, and I would say not only to a large extent, but an uneccessary one at that.

And on the record I would love to see a map showing where they all are myself. It could really help moving forward.

Sounds a lot like my own issue here @speedice. Can you tell us what the building pieces are reading in terms of ownership when you examine them using a repair hammer?

Yep, exactly what myself and ConanBoDk have pointed out. Why we need a 10+ foundation no build zone around a rudimentary, generic Exiles camp, among others is baffling to me.

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It appears I own the foundations and walls. I do not own the placeables oddly enough. I do own the carpenter’s bench.

Edit: The dancer is now an independent contractor. I can do nothing with her.


I agree…a simple " The ability to build on SP PS4 was a bug that got corrected within updates". Would that be enough to settle what many who understand the “bones” of the game have been trying to say?


See now this is exactly why I want a CM to come in here and work with us on this. Despite the fact that we both have almost the same issue, the way it has effected our games is so different. For my game I still own ALL of my placeables and crafting stations, but not the building pieces. Whereas you own the building pieces, but not the placeables. :crazy_face: Then there is the sudden growth of in the diameter of the no build zones. There is something very strange going on here. And for some one like myself who has OCD, this is maddening.


I agree bigcane55. At least we would have closure, and know how best to proceed from here, even if it is bad news…


@Neoskater420 I see you have been kind enough to drop a few likes recently. Have you experienced any issues yourself mate?

Also @Bodin, I know that you are a fellow Singleplayer, and also on ps4 if I remember correctly. Have you experienced any such issues?

This feels like it is starting to get out of hand here. It has now been over 5 weeks and counting since I was informed by a CM that they would ask the team to look into this. There are currently 10 members including myself who are experiencing issues with this:

LostBrythunian, Speedice, Cauthey, Stelagel, Nord-Oskillgetinn, Funbags, thoth-anon, AKS, ConanBoDk, Croms_Faithful.

The call went out for your help. Can someone please, come in here and either let us know what the outcome was, or give us an update…!?



Same problem here.
Placing a foundation was ok.
Placing a wall to the foundation → nope.


Sorry to hear that you are having these issues too @AKS. A few questions for the sake of some further details.

  1. Where is your base located on the map?
  2. Can you place followers, workbenches or placeables or no?
  3. When you examine your placeables, benches and building pieces, do they show as owned or no owner?
  4. And can you still move your thralls & pets, or have one or more become uncommandable like Speedice’s?

I have to say, I only use my offline game to test build. My map is filled with cool builds. Some of them make it to the main server, and some do not. I was able to see what you were experiencing because I did have a build near a camp.

Glad I could at least give you some new info, including this tidbit. I had some candles on the stage, which no longer belongs to me, neither does the dancer, but I can pick up the candles. So, that’s not weird or inconsistent at all.


I guess the problem is somehow related to a camp nearby. But my base is on a cliff and the camp is very deep at the bottom… but sometimes some NPCs spawn inside the rock near the cliff it seems and sometimes they spawn at the edge and get killed by my guards.
I can place everything but not behind that “invisible line” where it says “building not allowed”.
So the foundation must be on the edge and the wall seems to be in the “forbidden zone”. ^^


Looks like the npcs have less restrictions with their expanded area. I tried to knock one out and it went through a rock, it never came back to their spawn, it was actually up on top, half way through the floor.

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Here I am again…

Another week has now gone by without an update on an issue which which I was told that we would receive one on some 7 weeks ago now. There are 10 members here who have voiced their concerns on this issue, and more again if I factor in those who are having issues with triangular pieces alone. We are your loyal customers who love the game. Why are we being ignored…??

With the big July shutdown in Norway just around the corner, we dont want to have to wait another month to know where we stand. We need an update here please. Wheather it is good news, bad news or you are still digging.

@Community can you please, please, PLEASE, give us an update.


Hi @Croms_Faithful, apologies for the delay in our response.

We don’t have an update regarding this particular issue now, but we’ll reach out internally to see if we can get some feedback on how (and if) we might be able to address it.