Building Issues

Game mode: [Online | Official PVE]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [NA]

When I build sometimes, out of anything, it will say failed to place building. All I need to do is exit the area or place down a structure and demolish it and it’s fixed. I’ve noticed this bug has been here since day 1.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try placing a line of foundations down
  2. Just build a lot

It’s a pretty common bug, I’ve noticed it happens a lot when you’re trying to build in a spot where your character was recently standing.

Another workaround for this is simply switching to a different building piece in your hotbar, then back to what you were trying to build. Easier than leaving the area or destroying pieces.


Good to know, thanks for the other workaround.

Hey there @Aaron8956, thank you for your submission, and to @Arsenalcontrol as well for pitching in with a workaround!

Are you able to reproduce this issue consistently?

Could you please provide the exact reproduction steps that lead to it, or even a video?

agreed, common occurrence and the easiest workaround

I think the bug has something to do with large bases. When I’m building a new base, it doesn’t happen, but when when I’m expanding on a large base, it happens.

Like Arsenalcontrol said, it happens a lot where your character was recently standing and I think that could be one of the main problems.

It does happen consistently when I’m trying to build more foundations on one of my large builds. I can’t provide you with a video, and the reproduction steps, the best answer I can give you is I built alot on a large base and sometimes it will say failed.

experienced it this week with a new build on the 7th foundation piece laid so I doubt big build is a factor

7th foundation? Maybe it has something to with building out of the same structure, that’s why when we switch structures, it fixes it and we usually don’t notice because it’s a new build unless you only using one structure.

A quick fix for this is to have two different types of building materials in wheel and simply switch when it fails to place and then switch back to building piece you were trying to use, Presto.


Hey BangBangBoogies, I appreciate the other workaround but Arsenalcontrol already stated that one above.

Also, welcome to the community!

Thank you exiles for all the information shared, and also for the workarounds, we’ve forwarded this information to the developers so that the issue can be further investigated!

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