Building limitation system

Cyryus said exactly what i tried to say.

Funcom’s rules are not clear, and try to enforce such a thing bring more problems than anything else.
For example. i was banned for doing stack foundations, but there are no rules saying it’s not permited.
a friend of mine got banned because of a landclaim he made around his base (priest king retreat) it was a small claim just to keep people from build a tower and jump in.

Based on my past experiences, people get banned if they are massively reported. it can happen to you even on PvE. There are no warnings, and they don’t show evidences if you ask to (i asked myself and they didn’t even answered me, and it was the same thing with my friends).

So, an automated system that gets hid of the building spam issue, is very welcome.

Unkeep system is worse due to the likelihood of a raid. If all resources are stolen from you, you will not be able to pay the tax. And will you lose everything? I think it’s too much. All the same, buildings should be something reliable, something that will help you in difficult times. After all, if you are at war with someone, you will pay the same tax to repair buildings. But in a quiet time, you can not strain.

  1. May be an adaptative upkeep.

Less than 500 building pieces, no upkeep.
500 to 1000 10% upkeep per day for all building pieces.
1000 to 2000 20% upkeep per day for all building pieces.

You want to build big or spam? You pay for it or hp of pieces drop every days :slight_smile:

  1. And a land claim tax.

For example if you build 10 x 10, you land claim 20 x 20 = 400 foundations.

400 foundations landclaim, no cost.
400 to 1000 cost *** per day.
1000 to 2000 cost *** per day.

You do not pay your taxes? You get a god on your base.

  1. And thralls has to be feed and pay, + they have a life time in days (3 months?). Else they attack you.

  2. And actual decay system for all set at 10 days.

The idea is to avoid too massives bases on public servers, building spam, build and refresh forever, and the players has to be active.


I think that this will be a negative experience for those who do not play too much. The game doesn’t have to be just for no-lifers. Suppose you’ve built a large base. But you are not at war with anyone. It is rather unpleasant to farm something to maintain your buildings constantly. Often there are periods like there is simply no time for the game, and you go to update the rot timer, but when time appears, you have somewhere to return.

I don’t get this. If you can “prepay” your upkeep, then you should have no problems taking a few days off. As for building a large base, why should you get to keep one if you’re not playing actively? An upkeep system is a very flexible tradeoff: you can choose to have a smaller base and spend less time on farming for upkeep, or you can choose to have a bigger game but devote more time to keeping it intact.


If you have no time for the game, then it makes sense to let other people enjoy it.
At the moment, If you are an alpha clan who built a giant city/castle/base or whatever at crevice (a disputed building spot)
You are going to login weekly just to maintain it, but other people who just joined the game or the server won’t be able to have this experience, and you are not even playing the game.
Good building spots are limited (PvP or Pve, obvious the spots are different, but they are still “limited”).
You have only one “THE Crevice” , only one “priest-king retreat” and etc.
We have limited player slots on the servers, limited hardware to keep it running smooth, so if you are not very active, it doesn’t make sense to keep large areas for yourself.
On PvP servers we have raid to deal with this kind of thing, for PvE players i think this issue is even worse.

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What they need is a team of devs to check servers once every 3 months. The half ■■■ attempt we have now never gets anything fixed.

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