Building objects disappear

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Building objects disappear]
Region: [Europe]

I play on the official server #2002 and there it has already happened 2 times now that the pillars and torches have all disappeared. It always happens after you are kicked from the server for no reason. It’s always very time-consuming to get that back.
So I hope that this is something I’m helped because it takes the fun out of you.

Hello @TheCaradis, welcome to the forums!

Do the objects disappear every time you enter the server?
Are there any relevant messages in the Event Log?

No so far only when the server was down shortly. That has happened twice before.
No there are no messages in the event log.

That’s quite odd, could you please share a screenshot of the event log with its parameters set to max proximity, max days passed and only the building system and server boxes ticked?

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