Building options additions please white tiles at the very least

I am loath to have my entire floor in any of the print patterns offered. its too gaudy and hard on the eye. what is missing are some additional solid colors to go with. for example Id like to use the tile designs around edges and have a nice white tile at the very least for the main floor. though Ideally Id like a solid color tile to match every color the pattern tile uses. Id like the same for the pillars. keep the pattern options but at the very least have a white marble version.
Ive tried mixing and matching between the different offerings however most do not interchange very gracefully. leaving you stuck with one style of another.
It can not be that hard to introduce more options into each style. they would have been created most likely as solids before being merged into a pattern. thats how I would have done it back in the day. so you have the assets already. if you dont your designer wasnt doing their job correctly. never known a designer not to design with alternatives and keeping samples for expansion.

this is a huge deal for me as building pieces cant be dyed to make them solid white marble. and honestly I dont like the idea of a dye system anyone. too time consuming and though I know historically ancient people DID use bright dyes on some things I think it would not be in keeping with the game if people could dye thier buildings pink and purple. my fav colors to be fair. but not on a building. when I recently learned ancient greeks I think it was, painting their statues in flesh tones and bright colored clothing I was disapointed. ugh. why ruin the marble! lol

If you’re on pc, there’s always the mods option

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no sorry. I should have said console. are mods only for microsoft PC or also mac PCs?

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