Building parts multi spawn

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance]
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***this used to happen where the game freezes and i come back to find my build has spawned twice on top of itself. meaning i couldent place any new parts. i could deal with it by painstakingly breaking each extra part or use jhebbal sag to start over.
this time the parts all spawned x5, all the trees and wolves came back, and so much lag jhebbal made a 5 frame entrance and froze the fkn game.

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reloaded tried to destroy again, froze again. 8[

Hello @jistsomeguy, could you share a few screenshots showcasing this issue?

In short, when you reload your single-player save after crashing, all your building pieces are cloned where they stand?

yes, when i break a placed part it shows another, i was about to raise hell again bc it did it today x3. i havent even got all the walls up yet around this modest build so its cannot be that ive placed too much. black ice khitan combo, started acting laggy when i put the t3 ymir alter. my b hole clenched and i exited to main menu and it froze without recognizing the error.

Would you be able to share a short video with us showcasing the issue in order to assist our team in reproducing it?

Also, please make sure to send any crash reports through the PS dashboard whenever possible, so our team can get a hold of them and look into the cause.

i would but i already restarted, if it happens again ill get ps video of the multi spawned blocks. 8]

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