Building parts repeatedly lose their stability

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

I have an Argossian building - it is worth 50k bricks and I consider myself a very experienced builder in Conan.
I’ve built a round tower (hexagon) resting on two 4 parts high pillars. The six outside walls have 60 or 100 stability. 2 (not all 4) of the 60 walls lose stability at a certain height - unless the walls they rest on have the same stability and don’t break.
I have rebuilt the building in another place with the same result. But very strangely the other 2 walls with 60 stability.
The time they lose it varies and is not always the server restart.

The first image shows the top of the tower and 2 of the parts that lose their stability. The other 2 are on the backside. inside the tower are 2 pillars, at the same positions as the pillars and foundations bellow, so they have 100 stability.

The second image shows the pillars, the tower rests on. Below the pillars is the water, thus there are 4 Aquilonian wedge foundations stacked with an Argossian wedge foundation on the top.

I hope I made it understandable - I know the whole building is quite complex.

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