Building pieces now showing under Clan tab?

Hello Exiles,
I just noticed today that under the clan tab, in the bottom right it shows the total number of building pieces the clan or player has placed. Was this implemented with the 2.5 update or have I just missed it this whole time? I do not recall seeing this listed in the 2.5 notes. Anyway, is this meant to be used to help implement a future building piece and placeable limit down the road? Thanks, everyone.


Not sure, but a very nice addition in either case.


Yes, it is nice to have the knowledge available to the player. I am more so wondering what this info is meant to be used for. For example, they implemented thrall counts before the thrall limit, so I do wonder if Funcom is working on a building/placeable limit soon.


It is something we asked for multiple times, official servers to have a building limit. Yet it is really nice to know how much damage I did to the server before I acuse someone else :joy::joy::joy:. However all the streams I watched so far devs never spoke about limitation, they runned tests to the most populated servers to see how to make them perform better. So another vanity number is appearing?


you and me would be in the top, not sure its a top position thats any good tho :slight_smile:

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