Building Pieces: Standardisation

Should the design and dev staff over at Funcom grow bored, have plenty of spare time on hand, and/or want to make things a little simpler - here’s a task for them.

Players would like to use the vaulted build pieces, but can only use them with Arena, Stormglass and Argossean, and nothing else.

Make all vaulted pieces available for all T3 build pieces. That would allow players to enjoy all the build styles and not be forced to use only the three above. If ‘vaulted’ were in all the DLC then that would be a pattern, but vaulted only appears in the above. The Stormglass window-walls too.

Since many of the new changes are to the core game engine, perhaps it is time to do more standardisation? If all the build pieces are ‘reskins’ of the three primary sandstone, stonebrick and reinforced brick then is this impossible to do?

Anyone have other thoughts for and against this idea? Add more creative ideas here too. :slight_smile:


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