Building Play Adjustment and Compatibility (settings and types)

With the changes in the last 6 months, many of the old techniques of building have radically changed, and some techniques that were used to create buildings that looked a certain way are no longer valid.

Once upon a time we could “panel” foundation blocks and wedges with walls to achieve a consistent look on certain larger structures. Also, one used to be able to build foundation wedges and foundation blocks upon ceiling wedges and squares. Now, this is only sometimes possible depending upon what is the next block over. Can these things be corrected, or a server setting to change these dynamics in the server.ini? For PvE/RP servers, this would be desirable.

As for new blocks, Half story tall walls, stairs, ramps, and foundations would rock… It would make building over the beautiful but very undulating terrain much more beautiful.

I thank you in advance,
~Imppy, Shadows of Stygia