Building Problem with triangle

Game mode: [Online pvp | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [germany]

Hi guys…

I have built a tower, in the Center with 6 triangle … so one of the pieces disappear. I tried to rebuilt that one piece, but the building info tells me “its overlaying” cannot built there and everywhere else it fits but not there where it was. I restartet the game, same Problem. I removed the hole part above, same Problem… its only that one Piece :frowning:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I also Used a nother piece and switched Back to the triangle building piece, but it wont fit like before

Tower from outside and inside

Nothing fits anymore

Tried placing a ceiling?

So finally someone else noticed that is impossible to place large buildings over fundaments…I reported the same issue here Building became impossible


I’m guessing you don’t have enough support/stability.
Get a repair hammer and check the stability of the pieces you are trying to build off of.
Anything touching the ground will have 100% stability. Every piece you build off that loses 20%.

Hello @Ateshia, could you please verify the stability of the surrounding pieces by using a repair hammer and report back, as Illianna has suggested?

Hello! I have found a solution. I have placed a pillar, now it works. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


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