Building puzzles / Puzzle buildings

Hi everyone,

I want to share a couple of videos I made with a few puzzle buildings I’ve built on our server post-launch. I had a few more from Early Access, but, as we decided to wipe for launch, they’re all gone now (or exist only on youtube). These, you can still check in game :slight_smile:


Cheers :slight_smile:


Nice, I like 2nd one alot.
I really need try and redo T-rex…

Thanks :slight_smile: That was the most expensive too (I don’t have admin rights there so the cost of a building is also a thing).

What do you mean by T-Rex?

Wow, these are super cool

A building shaped like a T-rex. =3

I went big, 1st time. (photobucket doesn’t work no more…havnt found replacement)
Got up to hips, but didnt have enough support in legs… tried few more times, but once you get up high, its pain to keep it to scale. XD

I may retry brontosaurs since its 5 points on ground, instead of 3.

Thanks @Tascha

The full experience you only get by being there actually. There’s a lot more going on inside and I couldn’t find a way to show that while matching with this video style. :slight_smile: Plus spoilers…

I would love to see some pics of that T-Rex, Sera :slight_smile: the scale and the odd shapes are sure to inspire some interesting building solutions. (maybe try flickr?)

If only I had more hearts to give!

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Thanks, this comment makes for a lot of hearts though :slight_smile:

i have watched your building i like it

This is my castle hope you like it

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