BUILdING:Spawn Points, Irreplicable Plasebles, etc

  1. Trying to build an Altar on the same place where another alter stood (replacing), somehow I manage to block Spawn Point outside the Base, far away from the nearest bed. How am I blocking anything in the same place where another alter already stood?

I wanted to share a Screenshot, but new members are not allowed… First of all I am not new, secondly, are we discriminating newbies or something? Please start making sense.

  1. Removed a wall piece by accident, can’t put it back, has nothing to do with spawn point, at least it doesn’t say anything. Removed a few pieces around and now they too can’t be put back. The structure stood for years, one little mistake and now it’s unfixable…

And this has been going on for a while and seem to be getting worse. I’ve already rebuilt entire bases because of this and this thread is the result of that, this is the most patient man on Earth (I’m patient like a freakin’ python) is losing his patience.

Feature “Allow Building Anywhere” does not fix the problem, though it sounds almighty. Why not make it so? At least until you polish this thing after… (how old is this game?), assuming you’re even considering fixing it.


You are as far as Discourse is concerned. You need to browse the forums for a bit to advance to trust level 1.

Discriminating against newbies does make sense. Bot and spam accounts are not going to waste time earning a higher trust level so they can start inserting images and links.

That aside, sometimes heavy server use can cause issues, but these are usually temporary, and you say you have been having the same issue persist for a while.

This leads me to wonder if you have encountered the enigmatic 0,0,0 bug.

Is anything built at approximately this location?

This is where the map coordinates are all 0, and weird things can happen here. Like if anything was built over 0,0,0, it can block building across the entire map.

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Ok, it took me sometime to understand your problem here which is not what your topic seems to mean from the first glimpse.
So you have an Altair on a construction and you cannot replace building pieces because of the Altair bothers the attach . So in order to replace the building pieces the only option is to destroy this Altair and to this action you object!
I do understand and agree with your objection, i find it silly that a player has to destroy a fully upgraded Altair just to replace a broken wall or ceiling. All these years the game has “unnecessary punishment” especially to the building aspect. How can we forget that we had to fix extra building pieces and on dismantling we were taking just some materials back.
Devs may fixed the option to move benches to other positions so we don’t have to dismantle them, but when it comes to altars they show silly excuses not to be moved and work with the same mechanic as the other benches do. For example it use to be “another similar object is really close”, but this object was the same Altair we were trying to move :rofl:.
Now it says that you’re blocking spawns… :rofl::rofl::rofl:… Omg!
No, what you get is an incorrect message, something like “the purge has no area to spawn” in the middle of the freaking desert that has literally nothing around to prevent it for spawning.
These messages generally needs greater attention from devs because all they do now is to create confusion and frustration. Above all, Altars must be finally able to be moved a bit and allow us to fix our broken pieces.

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Thank you for your reply.
No, I have nothing at that location and the building isn’t blocked, fixing is. If a piece was removed, it cannot be placed back for some reason and it happens all over the map,. It doesn’t happen everyday but when it does it always painful.
However, the Spawn Point issue is a greater concern to me because those areas seem to be growing and unlike arguable “discriminating newbies”, it definitely doesn’t make sense. I wish there was a tool that would highlight those areas for you when building.

Since about December/January there’s been huge issues with the building system. You are not alone in this.

It comes about in different ways and doesn’t seem to be reproducible in a logical way.

Here are some workarounds that I have been successful with, both discovered myself and suggested by others here:

  • hold the piece in place for a few minutes, it might eventually show as can be placed
  • go out of render distance or log out and back in
  • place something that can be replaced, so if it is a wall you’re trying to place, place a doorframe and then replace it through the option
  • remove other pieces around it, some have a certain “order” that is required first
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Thanks for the “again welcome” :expressionless:
Here is that screeny:

I’ve already destroyed the old Altar but that same place refused the new one. And broken walls don’t even bother with the messages, they just refuse to stick.

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Thank you for the the tips. I have one to add to that list - Backup your Saves! :weary:

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No problem.

Are you using mods?

Oh yea.

For the altar thing, that’s something new to me for building issues.

I know it might sound tedious but have you tried removing mods 1 by 1 to determine that one of them might be affecting the placement of the altar? Possibly no association but it’s usually worth a try as many mods and the base game interfere with each other.

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It IS tedious and I am not afraid to do this, that’s how you find a broken mod, but THIS isn’t mods.
They always had problems with building, and when they add something new, they tend to break something old.

Damn :frowning:

Add to the list of broken building mechanics




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Remove a few walls, floors or placeables at the build site first, then place your new altar. Some build pieces are fussy in terms of the placement order

Here, I removed the entire thing, it did not remove the spawn point.

In the left top corner you can see part of the defence wall, the nearest building with beds and whatever is somewhere farther behind that wall.

They do have a problem with building in general and spawn point is a very irritating part of it.

Found the problem with the Shrines. Apparently it concerns all Fully Upgraded shrines, I can’t build them anywhere, while the lower tear is no problem.