Building stability bug. (change name for more appropriate one.)


you guys managed to break the only thing that was working good…the pictures speaks tons, it should be 60 to 40, not 60 to 20. , apparently its not taking into account the one with the strongest support instead it takes the one next to it that has the lesser stability…

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. build something.
  2. broken…

The max you can build away from support is 4 ceiling tiles. The fifth one will drop below 0 resulting in multiple error messages. With sloped parts like ramps and the sloped roof, it is 3 before you need additional support.

I don’t really see how this is “broken.” Broken would indicate that this is completely non-functional, which this isn’t.

I can’t really tell from your screenshots, but it looks like you have two sets of pillars between each other, while extending outward with ceilings towards each other. Attaching to one would result in 20 stability, while the other would have 40. Since there is a gap between the two, the socket is attaching to the ceiling to the one with lesser stability. Is this correct?

If so, it is likely that if you fooled around with it, you could get it to switch which socket it’s attaching to and thus, having more stability available. Alternatively, you could try destroying the attaching ceiling on the lower stability pillar, and fool around with it that way. But since you accomplished what you set out to do, which was fill the gap, I don’t see what purpose that would serve.

This is how the stability system has worked for as long as I’ve been modding. This wasn’t changed from the hotfix. The ceiling is simply attaching it’s socket to one, or the other, not both. It doesn’t mean that the stability system couldn’t be improved someday, but nothing has changed.

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there is a line 2 tiles one next to each other, first has 60 stability the one next TO it, should be 40 , not 20, as you can see from the screenshot it shows 20, NOT 40 as it is supposed… oh i have never encounter this issue before. so this is new for me,

well can you explain WHY a ceiling tile that has 60, the one directly connected to it shows 20?..

Alternatively, you could try destroying the attaching ceiling on the lower stability pillar, and fool around with it that way.

Why should i fool around something that never happened to me before? something is borked. and needs checking and possibly fixing. we have different meanings for the word broken,. when i have to fool around for 30 minutes something that should work without fooling around then. it cant be right…

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i know this, i have been building massive bases, and this is the first time i encounter this. i am nowhere near a newbie “builder”… trust me, it start with 100, then 80 , then 60, then 40, then 20, what i have is 100, 80, 60, and 20… (that cant be intended).

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Well I would be happy to devkit dive to look into it a bit further, but this comment confuses me more based on what I’m seeing in your screenshots. It looks to me you have to lines of Pillars, and a gap in between. One Pillar has 40 stability left over, and the other 60. There is 1 ceiling difference between the 2 gaps, and when you attach it, the socket it chooses to attach to is the one with 40 left over, rather then the one with 60 left over.

Could you provide some more screenshots with different angles so I can better understand the situation?

i already fooled around for half an hour (demolishing several times until i got it right) , had to destroy all the ceilings around it and send out a line from the intended starting place. then had to build in certain order so i dont loose stability from the main line.

basically, what happens is its transferring stability from the weakest point, and not from the strongest, i had to demolish several times… i also saw the same with pillars, built a pillar line with 100 stability and once i add the tile it gets much lower than it is supposed to be (100). i dont know why , but i never had this issues. before…

lets say line 1. with 100 stability. tiles next to that line has 40 stability, so when i attach the tile it connects to the tile that has 40 stability and not the 100 one, even when its actually connected to both the 40 and the one with 60… (Cant be right).

so i destroyed the tile that had 40, then built from the tile that has stability of 60, if i dont do it in certain way, and put the 40 tile back at the wrong time the stability of the same tile that you see in the screenshot goes to 20, instead of 40,

Right, so it’s what I thought it was.

Basically, there isn’t anything broken here, it’s working as it has been designed. When a ceiling socket attaches to what, we the players, see as 2 Pillars, systematically it’s connecting to one. I don’t know how it “chooses” one or the other in this scenario (I’ll have to do some experimenting to see if I can figure it out). Obviously you intend for it to attach to the one with the higher value, the system wants you to connect to the lower value for x,y,z reasons.

Maybe it would be better for the stability system to instead add the two components together up to a maximum of 100. Or maybe not, because I have a feeling that would break PvP :stuck_out_tongue: (from a builders perspective, seems like a good idea to me heh heh).

Alternatively, when the system detects it can connect/snap to more then 1 socket, have the socket choose the one with the higher stability value. Though I’m not a coder, so, who knows if that is possible without redesigning how the stability system is coded now.

It has been this way for a long time though, many months at minimum. When I was working on restoring stability to the decorative beams in my LBPR - Collision Improvement Add-On Mod, I spent a stupid amount of time trying to get them to work and discovered what you are just now discovering for yourself. Not sure if there is any way around it without doing all of the steps you took already (destroying stuff), but I’ll play around with it.

also some temples (yog was problematic) and the animal pens, plus (specially) the pallisades are extremely hard to place., wish they fix it.

Hey there,

Our team is aware of some inconsistencies in how stability is calculated, particularly when using pillars, and they’re looking into it.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

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He is right about the pillars. It has always dropped off faster than when you come off of a wall or foundation. It has been this way since the early days of the EA period.

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This is good to know. What @Multigun stated seems to be true. Realistically it should “bridge” the 2 and get stability of the higher one, if not more. But game mechanics use a line of code, and the code is only linking to one side based on some structured logic.

This is news to me, but now that i know, it might explain some of my honeycomb builds not holding up quite like i thought they would. So now i know to build out from pillars equally when “bridging” them.

IE, when i usually build it is pillar, ceiling, then 4 ceilings out, then pillar under the 4th, and proceed. What I thought this was doing was 100,80,60,40,20. The last ceiling bumps back to 100 when i put pillar underneath it and the 3rd unsupported ceiling was going to 80, so i would have 100,80,60,80,100. But instead it is not changing the links. so it is 100,80,60,40,100.

A restart of the server if it is MP should fix that. What I have done when building like that is to figure out the pillar placement and build from them meeting in the center.

These are old screens. I have rebuilt is in order to be able to properly place two octagonal towers under the main building. The one shown is not properly supported by foundations and was unusable.

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