Building Structures turned into bearer backpacks after UPDATE?!?!?!?

I had building structures in chests. Ie maproom benches building pieces. Soon after the update my server went down. After i came back on i noticed i had alot of bear back packs. Then im realizing they took it away. Then i became quite upset and turned off the game. Almost 2 years of stuff, gone. Fix it.

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Seems it was intended that the building parts in chests were converted to materials in the update.

Totally unnecessary and doesnt make sense.

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Hello there @NutoriousB and welcome to our forums!

In terms of this query, @Immortalowl is indeed correct, with the revamp of the building system, existing building parts were converted back to their resources.

You can find further information on this patch in this thread where it explains what changed.

It’s intended and makes sense for me with the new system. Also I think it’s because of the ability to share dlc and now bazar stuff.

@RitualGround should it convert also stuff in chests? On playstation everything in my chests is still building pieces. And I can put them to my inventory and use the old way to build. Inventory stuff was converted.

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And im suppose to be just okay with that? :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:


Why u should not be? U lost nothing


no now each building piece you destroy gives you 100% mats back so each piece in your chest get refunded to 100%


Why should i have to rebuild it? Cause of a silly hammer. Pffft please. Save your comments.

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cause u cannot store em anymore? XD

Ummm they’re in your chest…IE not doing anything. So what if they got converted back to raw. The new system makes you need the raw to place them anyways so there is not even a wasted time frame here.

Yikes I’m sorry dude. That’s terrible. I haven’t logged on yet because I’m terrified of my stuff being affected too. Stay off the game if you are console until a patch comes through. A couple of days I imagine.

I think this change was made so you won’t be able to trade bazar items with other players.
@ConanBoDk said it better.

No I think he’s talking about how his storage glitched into bearer packs. So he had a legendary weapon sitting there and now it’s a bearer pack. Glitch galore at the moment.

Stop making excuses for this update, this was people actual time investment being screwed with.

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this is the way it should have been all along, especially in pve

You literally didn’t lose anything. Just put it back together.

So dumb.