Building suggestion ( timers)

Oki based on latest experience i have 2 possibe suggestions but would be nice if one or both are in some future versions

What happened : So lately i find out like steam level 0 or 1 or private profiles that are +/- ‘‘fake’’ profiles too much playing, i mean its oki , not all are bad or something but well how to explain , imagine one player gets teared down and like warn ban for building on interest points or around vaults ( siptah) but then 3 days later a new player joins with steam level 0 or 1 and builds same way again… i mean wtf, ‘‘friends’’ with that profile and builds same way… Next again , last year lost everything because i got … well new virus and was not capable to join to reset timers in time, while someone bugged it to 0… ( log files said its decayed like 2 times… ) … and third thing is bug-users by this i mean i encountered so far 7 players like this, who basically bugs timers on 0 somehow to foundation spam and its not going to decay or down for like 2 days , even had server restart and timers was 0 …

So now about suggestions

  1. If player is punished for some ‘‘unsportsman’’ things in game they cant use family share feature and if spotted by doing then permanent ban maybe… ( sure if thats family share on steam or something) because there is low possibility that another player with 3 days difference who has friends with previous one can build exact same thing… ( but actually i dunno if its even family sharing)

  2. About decay stuff : Someone are so lazy that they breaks game just to not gather resources themselfs… so my advice and suggestion there is

2.1) If player has some serious reason that he cant join ( like i had with virus… when i was capable to use forum but not server… i had mobile then for 30 days… ) then they can write to funcom like now about tranfer issues, and they kinda freeze timers for 30 days , with possibility to repeat it if case is serious… but no more than 2 months… like from + 1 week and leveling up…

2.2) In PVE servers make it impossible to pick up decaying bases loot or just make it disappear without possibility that items are pickable … and in my opinion this would also decrease CUBIC structure builders .
Because when u get free stuff there is small amount of peoples who use it normal way ,than griefing something or build worst structures …

Family share is disabled on officials

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This was the case for a while, community wasn’t really happy with it.
There’s something exciting about finding an abandoned base and looting it in the hopes of finding something worthwhile.

Decay scouters are a nuisance, but to be fair, so are players that constantly refresh their timers by logging in for months even though they’re not actively playing.

Aside from implementation, I don’t think it’s even possible tech wise to selectively freeze timers.

This thing turns PVE into bug using PVP… u cant even farm stones nearby some cube building thats ‘‘decaying’’
Yesterday was best example where those ■■■■ got screenshoted and reported

  1. Peacefully farming x2 materials
  2. found some guys circling about some altars
  3. checked myself 1 minute till decay
    So i say ““Guys dont bug out timers u will set it to infinite 0 get out of base…”” and left
  4. joined 6 hours laters same guys in base and swearing on others even they are reason why its bugged and at end even started to tilt everyone who said bug-usage can get them banned , so it turned out to be some uneducated swearing on parents and game-crashing bug usage event…

P.S this is best scenario, in server i play we had also some morons who used bugs to kill other players like those spider orbs at start or jumping full weight on them to kill them or using poison mix with burning
Sure 2 of them i guess is banned - after reporting them they never joined server again… so i guess ye

Scouters maybe ok but if player starts to on purpose use bugs to ruin game for others that is - problem…i dont care if they loot someone or not, what is most tilting level - u get covid and when u return u are stalked down by griefing bad players who teared down your caste to build damn cube near it… so ok i then
suggest to make option for players - to choose if they decay drops something or no, because in 6422 normal players so far i found builds cool castles, and trades with others even to get building mats or armor, like u give me recipe i give u stone etc… wanders to adventures together, but then some clan joins who blocks out passages with cubic cave building , bug kill u ( because in PVE u should not be able to kill another player, and even crash game somehow by bugging timer to 0 and then swears on everyone when others say bug is not normal gameplay( i could even show screened examples but i guess its kinda witch-hunt because i screen with names to reporty them :D)

By the way, after server merge around my castle turanian (also visible in share shelter ) now are 5 clans outside my land claim , like damn shrooms after rain and each day checking my timers…

… So its like they buy new game on new accounts paying full price just to break game by bugs? Not bad :expressionless: atleast funcom then gets some money ;D

Edit : i figured out how to show examples without showing player names
Red: Bug user
Yellow : me
Light green : other players

chat about just warning that bug- usage ( such as killing players or bugging timers in houses so nobody can get it because they are greedy and basic all bug usage is bannable)

and 90% looters are like this, so this is why it would be better if nobody get decayed base… because they also build just cube storage rooms …
Another possibility i dunno, disable looting for players who are either new like under 2 months in server or after 2 months disable it… because this thing turns pve into bug using event… xD… and that is not normaaal :smiley:

In some regions the game is dirty cheap + they make tons of money streaming how they cheat.

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Sad nobody watched my twitch stream while i builded and gathered resources while building turanian palace, tho wait, that was time on twitch drops , i had 6 viewers then… but still then how much peoples need to be without brains to support someone who breaks game basically, while that guy yesterday used those bugs i got like 2 fatals without even being near… and ping was at max almost…

Actually i dunno, i living on rule : have problem - fix it
Not like u found exploit and u use it

i once time ago also was mod maker for another game ( MTA , still i dont know how and what they did but everyone who used that bug got permanent ban…) its like game should be played as it should and it gives others more fun than breaking it and griefing others…

What tilted me the most from like yesterday situation -

“” U wanted it dont cry""
Ye sure , damn farming almost on other side of island and just joined game saying hello to everyone… i just interrupted in that buggers doing because game started to lag and well yes… what i think - game is code, if some code structure are breaked to use it inapropriate then it expands and gives actual game errors or another weak code… till game gets crash…
U explain normally why not to use bugs
and get answer : Screenshot by Lightshot

Did not managed to screen more in time (Game crashed)

But it was like ''if game has bugs i can use it""

Now thats not normal ah ye and by steam and so on they are in spain, spain money is euro so game there only siptah is like 15E… if they not buggging even steam … tho why not if bugged conan why not try it on steam…

No offence but player versus building is still Player Versus Environment. (PVE)
you need another active Player to be Player Versus Player. (PVP)

That is why Offline raiders are cowards, they don’t really PVP.

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From when jumping on one guy, who gatter, head with full force that he dies is PVE? that is pvp bug usage in pve… its about that when someone wants to ““loot”” base is ok to use known bugs to kill others? or even break game code? ( timers )? Or like at siptah start, throwing black orbs to another players so spiders kill them and they thrall that follows to loot them ( this thanks to god is fixed ) but idea is not about building but that when it goes to loot those decaying structures its “” OK to use bugs to kill others or break game on 0 “”

I’m sorry but I can’t understand your post.

I gave the literal definitions of what PVP and PVE stand for, eg it takes at least two players to PVP

I interpreted your post as calling destroying a building as PVP which it is not, even if the server type is PVP.

I agree if you can kill another player, then that is PVP even on a PVE server I just don’t know about what or why you’re calling it a glitch. Tower of the elephant is intended so far as I know, otherwise you couldn’t get that achievement on a PVE server.

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Ye i know my english aint good :smiley: and also keyboard is different, but i try as good as i can

Post is about that this uhm, feature that allows others to loot decayed stuff , even PVE , is turning players like crazy to use actual bugs to get loot only for them, like from my own experience … I aint even trying to loot them i dont need it i just ask other players so we trade in, i am talking about that every time if u find some base like that u cant even be safe anywhere near it… so by bugging i call stuff when exapmle i am farming stone, and some guy who thinks i am after that base jumps on me and by weight kills me… or as once i was climbing up the vault , there i guess was some base, one guy jumped on me and pushed me off cliff by that till i falled to death… or using those religion black balls to summon spider that kills player with poison… or like sits in that base by bugging its decay to 0:00 so its not even starting decay…

My suggestion is like to disable this kind of looting , to prevent bug usage in game… ( Not like looting homes is pvp or bug itself ) i mean if human cant loot normal as it should be but use other bugs to gain advantage and loot players by killing them … then need to disable main cause :D…

now i explained better i hope… :frowning:

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I understood this time. :slight_smile:

But wouldn’t it be better to fix the bug that lets people glitch a base to 0 HP, rather than disable a feature that helps remove abandoned bases by the allure of possible loot?

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Just my guess but +/- then those buggers will find another way to kill or bug timers… remember way back , before this timer bug, there was another way that nows fixed but started this one? i mean the one when u placed dragon barrel and timers resseted… they fixed it… and started this kind of exploit… sure it would be better but better would be i guess option on owner, if he wants to share loot if decay hits or no … or i dunno even better “” Trade chest “” so players in pve could trade without any bug users who try to kill players in any possible bug way … Why bug? because in PVE u should even be capable to kill any player… :smiley:

i dunno but this thing should be fixed :smiley: because well not good feeling if u farm half day on free time, to get 100 000 stone and then u die because some smartass jumps on u on surprise and kills u … :smiley: not fun… that day i was rage on 1000%…

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