Building Timer Question

Question: Do building blocks outside of render range reset if you reset decay timer within render range that is attached to them?

Reason: We were having issues with certain clans specifically targeting our PvP server with griefing behavior. One of the methods was building large impassable walls in chokepoints that prohibit travel across biomes, as well as into the starting desert. They had also enclosed any oblisks that were able to be enclosed.

One way we dealt with it was to create a break in the wall and form a ‘highway’ of sorts from starting area to the volcano.

I have since connected a continuous single route from the northern part of the desert near the waterfall to the entrance to the volcano (Hidden Way) and west to the Temple of Frost. I’ve placed multiple public maptables, self filling food supply stations (beehives) and lighting (radium torches).

We were considering completing the route all the way to starting area and branching near sinkhole to have a secondary branch go through the jungle to the east, but I am concerned at present that if we do so, having to manually reset the full length of the route will just take too much time.

As far as I’ve understood, foundation blocks that were at some point connected will be considered the same building even if later separated, so refreshing the timer in one end will refresh it on the other end too, even if the connection has been broken.

Or that’s what I’ve been told. When I first started this game I built roads between my bases with this purpose in mind, but later found out that on Single-Player I can simply turn Decay off and never worry about it.

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That’s what I believed, but other than checking via a family share account or something I don’t really have anyway to confirm it.

Given the size of the ‘highway’ that I’m discussing, I’m trying to assess if it’s going to be reasonable to expand beyond what we’ve already done (pictured).

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