Building Trebuchet

Does the Trebuchet suppose to take damage automatically even if you never use it? I built 2 Trebuchet today at my base more for decoration then anything else I’m on PVE 2504 Xbox one I never used either one but I checked and it’s already damaged is this intended?

Did it decay? Did a mob hit it while fighting?

No it’s on top on my main base on 2 towers nothing can touch this is my 2nd time building them the first time I built them it was fine 2 days later they both disappeared I just built them both today and the siege foundation now says damage 100/5000 and it won’t let me repair it and I never used it tomorrow will it say 500/5000?

Oh the decay timer is fine but it took damage somehow by itself I’ll check tomorrow to see if it takes more damage on its own

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