Building under the map glich

Game mode: Online Offical server
Problem: Bug
Region: US server 2800

We have a clan that joined the server few days ago who openly brag about exploiting. They have built a base under the map and possibly in a pillar in the highlands area. We tracked them down there and killed them but they keep popping out of the ground like roaches and the land is claimed with no structures to be seen. They say even if we manage to get to them they know many more glitched places and they aren’t going anywhere until everyone on the server quits. Then they’ll move to the next server and do the same. Not really sure what to do but I think they are going to get there way…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Not really sure but I think it has somthing to do with placing bed rolls beneath the mesh and killing yourself to spawn under it.

Ya I also play on server 2800 I have not seen this clan yet do you know their name
I also know how to get into map but have not as it ruins fun of game
Also there are alot of other stat exploits occurring on this server
People duping explosive jars
I know of 1 clan that is doing stat glitch for sure
What is your clan name maybe when I get on later tonight we can all try and flush these ■■■ hat’s out
Unfortunately though no one monitors official servers so you can only fight poison with poison
Or move to private server where admin monitors and cares
Seems to b better PvP experience for legit players
Ps I am not suggesting everyone exploit but sometimes there’s nothing else you can do but exploit the exploiters
Also pls send me clan name of group going under the map

It was the clan “Hi” but they changed their name to The Imperium. Not to be confused with “The Imperium” with one space (they are that kinda troll). They were glitched into a pillar over at priestking’s retreat. Their glitched base got destroyed last night. They got on today crying about cheating (funny right?) Really no one had to cheat, they just got mitra god stomped all around their pillar. Seems they quit until they can find another exploit because they were absolutely trash in every other aspect. Patch notes indicates their little glitched hideaway is getting filled in so… all seems well for now.

I been having trouble with sompeoplee from" the 9" doing 50 + stat glitch pretty sure those guys and couple other clans run together