Building with Becky...Hints and Tips

Hi Folks…

This is the first of an occasional series highlighting building techniques and design tricks some of you may not have thought of, or seen in use by my friends ‘Small Archangel’ or ‘Sven P’ over on YouTube.

(i) Arrow-slit Walls - A simple but unique design for creating unique building looks and features.

Start by placing sandstone stairs against a foundation (Sandstone only because its cheap), clip a pillar to the top of the stairs then add a door-frame. The frame clips across the pillar to create an arrow-slit effect and the stairs can then be removed safely.

This design stacks upwards, additional pillars/door-frames slotting on top of the lower tiers to build towers or just to create double height window effects. The gaps either side of the central pillars are too narrow to climb/shoot through, but they give a secure view and key areas can be masked using tapestries.

The design also enables ‘barred’ walls, handy for checking the entrance/exit to a base for lurking Zamorans before opening the door, lots of other applications, limited only by your imagination.

(ii) Columned Walls - A spin off from the above design trick, walls with embedded columns for another unique look and added strength/stability.

Start as before with a set of sandstone stairs clipped to a foundation base, add a pillar but instead of then clipping in a door-frame use a fence foundation piece. This gives you a wall with an embedded central pillar, visually attractive both inside and outside a building.

Torches clip to the embedded pillars and tapestries/banners clip to the foundation wall for adding yet more decorative effects. As with the arrow-slit walls, this design also stacks upward and can be mixed with the arrow-slit type walls for even more flexibility in design/appearance.

(iii) Awning Structures - Barns, Sheds, Stables and more…

Start with full height awnings arranged in a square or oblong of whatever size you want (full height in context means each piece is at its upper placement limit, rather than partly clipped into the ground).

Fence foundations will then clip between the outer gaps on each awning, creating walls 2/3rd of the way between floor and awning upper edge - leaving a narrow gap to act as a ‘fanlight’ style window or ventilation space. Place the fence foundations on the outside edge of each awning for best effect and to leave the higher sloped edge open on the structures interior.

The lower outer slope edges can the topped with fences or crenelations to help keep out those pesky Zamorans, or other passing base monkeys, while the upper sloped awning edges can be partly or fully roofed over - or topped with Frame sections to add an upper floor ‘hayloft’ area. An upper floor can be added just using more awnings, some ceilings and regular fence pieces - which is the cheaper option, but still looks unusual/good while providing basic protection against arrows or the sandstorm.

This design works well as a three sided structure built against an exterior defensive wall or surrounding a central ‘Keep’ - adding a cheap but effective layer of defense against missile attacks coming over an outer wall.

Makes good use of space in ‘tight area’ locations and is perfect for exterior crafting stations that still need some protection against casual attack but won’t fit comfortably inside a Keep/Tower build.

That’s it for this edition…stay tuned for more in the countdown to launch :).


Sounds cool! Could you add some pictures to visualize it?


I enjoy these ideas as well and would love to see some screenshots!

Glad you like them - I’ll be streaming these design features and more on my YT channel after launch, so until then I’m afraid no pictures or videos available.

I’ll be streaming these design features and more on my YT channel after launch, so until then I’m afraid no pictures or videos are available.

I’ll post a link to my channel in May, so watch this space if your interested.

Super handy! I’ve been wondering for ages how to do the “Pillar in doorway” trick! Thanks! :smiley: