Buildingbugg/Vitality bugg


iv tested out somethings on conan exiles , and dont mind my english

If you build a box with 1 fundation 3 walls 1 doorway , a pillar in the middle and a door, you can get damaged by anyplayer or npc if you stand next to that pillar. i did a test where i placed 1 pillar and a fundation right next to it, i had my explosive next to the pillar and the fundation behind didnt take any damage from the explosion even tho it was veryclose. and vit perk 50 isent working, i get the same health back from food if i have vit perk 40 and 50.


I’m sorry, but you’re in the wrong forums. This forum is for Secret World Legends.
The Conan Exiles forums can be found here:


my bad :slight_smile: thanks for the headsup


I’ll move it for you. Which version of the game are you on?


i tried to delete it but i didnt know how :O, first time using this. its the newest version of the game Conan exiles. if thats what you are wondering about


Which platform are you playing on? PC? Playstation? XBox?