Buildings decaying prematurely?

Logged on today and one of my outpost was gone. Checked the log for the default 7 days and there was nothing. I am a daily player who spends to much time playing this game. Had issues before with buildings vanishing at random (still don’t know why) so to cover my basis I make sure to visit my teleport zones every other day(added this to hide that I am a Conan-a-holic. ) if not daily to insure the decay timer doesn’t run out. But I digress, I filled my thrall pot at my I6 location yesterday afternoon and when I logged on today my location was gone. I went to investigate and there is nothing but floating thralls. So I checked the log like I stated in the beginning of this discussion and nothing. I opened the log again and set it to 8 days passed and I see “server shutdown” 4 minutes later “server start” then 7 hours later it says ‘my foundation has changed state to abandoned and will decay’ this all on 28MAY around 11:04. On 29MAY per the log my stuff starts decaying… red text everywhere. Where it gets interesting is today is 31May and I topped off my thrall pot at this location yesterday afternoon which would be 30MAY. Confused as me…? Good, But today it’s gone. I very much dislike going into my teleporter to make the daily rounds and a location stone is missing then the feeling of “oh God no not again” comes over you. My biggest loss yet as a PVE Conan player as far as resources lost and time building. Was a 477piece Grand ( to add drama) location to support teleporter and map room…

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Hi @Dubcee,
there have been different bugs with the building decay in the past.

Did you check the decay timer with the repair hammer when you visited your outpost?
There is a bug where the decay timer takes a good while to refresh, even though you opened chests and interacted with the building. So it might be the timer was in fact not reset when you left the location.

Then again there has been bugs where stuff decayed because it somehow got detached from the rest of the building.

Then whole buildings vanishing due to database errors. I think that might be what happened to your base. :no_mouth:

I hope funcom will look into this someday.
Sorry for your loss.


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