Buildings disappearing over time

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [Europe]

So i play on the official server #1003 and my buildings keep disappearing and i don’t know what can i do about it (no it’s not the decay system nor other players because i play on PVE) it’s really annoying beacuse today i lost my greater wheel of pain and my name tralls in it. First i ignored it because i thought it was a one time bug. but now a lot of my buildings disappeard. i can’t keep playing like this beacuse if i rebuild those things they could be gone the next day.

the following things disappeard:
-1 furnance
-3 improved furnance
-1 wheel of pain
-1 greater wheel of pain
-a bunch of tralls in them
i don’t know what to do

pls help :frowning: . I don’t know what to do.

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It is probably not what you want to hear but i suspect that it is decay related.
A good tip is to hover over a building piece and use the tab button on it. It will show you the decay timer of that specific building piece.
Disappearing crafting stations often are not build on a foundation that is connected to the main building. So try it out?

Thanks i will try that . But it’s probably not the decay since some of my buildings (my furnances) disappeared over night like i wasn’t playing for 12 hours and i think the decay system starts working after you don’t play for 15 days

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What does the event log say?

The decay system starts counting down the moment you place something down. Use a repair hammer and it will tell you the decay time. To max out decay times make sure to make atleast a 5×5 foundation area and place the stuff on that to have it all share a larger decay time. Items on there own have only afew hours of decay time

Where is your base on the map Pakos? (and are you in a clan?) I can come and have a look :slight_smile:

Just a helpful hint, you don’t need a repair hammer unless you’re repairing. Just mouse over the thing and hit [Tab] on PC.

The decay system can be as little as 50 minutes.

Your first foundation won’t even last an hour. As you build on to your base, and as you add T2 and T3 material, the decay timer starts going up. To a max of 167 hours, on official servers.

If you’re building a bunch of separate tiny structures they are going to decay real quick.

Just in case you are interested:


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