Buildings Dissapearing!


Always good to have the insights of the master modder known as Testerle.


i’m currently trying to reproduce the problem to get a corrupted game.db. my goal is to find out if it’s possible to fix the damage directly in the game.db.


Since you just now saw my last post about LBPR, I updated it last night :yum:


Yeah, I noticed. Thanks :slight_smile:


Ok, so it was indeed Unlock+ ! Basically…

=> Most things built while Unlock+ was activated were suffering from the bug. They just disappeared and fell apart, “destroyed by player .” and losing stability.
=> Even if we removed Unlock+ and rolled back the database, the buildings that fell apart the first time would fall apart the second time, exactly in the same manner.
=> And any building we made afterwards would also be affected and have a high chance of falling apart after a restart.
=> HOWEVER! We removed Unlock+…
=> The buildings that fell apart before… still fell apart.
=> BUT: any new building, built after Unlock+ was removed, remained intact and unaffected, even after several restarts.

The solution we found was rolling back, removing Unlock+ and asking people to give us a list of the stuff they lost. But after a few days without Unlock+ the issue completely disappeared. It seems somehow, the positions of each building piece built with Unlock+ are all good in the database but there is a problem with the order in which the pieces were placed, so they’re not loaded properly / in the right order and everything just dies. Now I’m not the technical person of the server but in a nutshell, there was something wrong with the order in which the stuff build with Unlock+ was loaded / rendered after a restart.

So, for now it’s fixed on our side! \o/


the only solution to keep stuff (not all stuff) is a rollback to a game.db version before the update 34. you will lost your progress from update 34 until now. so the question is: what is harder to deal with?

my hope is that all the stuff still is in the game.db and it is possible to restore the collapsing structures back to full stability with a sql script…


Let’s hope! Thanks for looking into it :slight_smile:
Worst case scenario we’ll just refund whatever crumbled, it’s manageable.


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