Buildings Don't Decay

Game mode: PVP (Official #3541)
Problem: Bug
Region: America

Buildings (Tier I) lose owner name, when abandoned. They don’t decay, and they can’t be damaged. Hardened steel weapons or explosive jars do zero damage. Swinging hardened steel weapon makes no sound against walls or other building components.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Observe (Tier I) building with owner name.
  2. Wait for abandonment.
  3. Owner name is lost.
  4. Attempt to destroy structure with steel weapon or explosive jars.
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Hey @tplarkin7

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Can you dismantle those abandoned buildings by holding the interact button and selecting dismantle from the radial menu?

The option is actually called demolish. You will get an error that says “you don’t own this” if you select dismantle. The demolish option only appears once the building reaches decayed status.

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