Buildings stop randomly disappearing

I would love my buildings to stop disappearing from inside my buildings. I just had four presentation boxes disappear. One with over 100 yog meat in it. Seriously screw this game

Report to the bugs tab for your console that you play on. Don’t add insults, you won’t be taken seriously.

Will my buildings get replaced…no. Will I get any of my lost items back…no. Will any of my time be compensated…resounding no. Nothing is going to be done about this and even if I won’t get what I lost back so I really don’t care if I’m taken seriously or not. And btw I already had reported this to bugs for my console and guess what? Ticket was closed with not a single response…and there were no insults so thanks for your advice, as useless, pointless, and wrong and it was.




I see. That’s unfortunate. They were automaticly closed, because noone replied. Can happen.

Here’s the old post:

  • Does this also happen on singleplayer or did you forget to remove it from the post?
  • Did you log off, did the server restart or did you ps/psn update in the background in between doing any of these actions?
  • Are all the buildings/foundations properly connected and/or did you check -the decay timer- with the repair hammer? (this may not help, but I’m asking non-the-less).

Hey @Melcom,

Could we move this one over to the bugs subforums? I think it’ll get noticed this time around since we replied to it.

Now, we only want one issue per post, but the issue with Eina is similair to Purge thralls tracking into the lava in the volcano, so I could see it being fixed. Note it’s still the Pit of Yog and the inside makes you die- because it is the Pit of Yog. I think the last bit is intentional :sweat_smile:

Furthermore, be sure to read

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