Built Pleasure Dome of Derekto Level 2, "Building lost due to Instability"

I built my Level 1 Pleasure Dome of Derekto, was finally able to gather all my materials to upgrade it to the Level 2. Upon completion, my Pleasure Dome disappeared. I researched the event log, and it said “Building Lost due to Instability” what does this mean? Does this mean that now I have to farm all these materials again? Can I get customer support to review this claim, and award me the building again?

Do you play on an official server or a pivate one? Or are you playing a solo-game?

On private servers and in solo-games the admin should be able to give you the building by spawning it via admin-rights (in solo-games the player himself must make himself admin for this to work).

On official servers you are unlikely to be given the building back…

I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago. If you check the forum, there have been issues with the pleasure palace but they should have been fixed (I think) with the new patch. My palace was on the ground next to my main building. It stinks, but you’ll just have to rebuild.

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