Bully Alfa clans teaming on us

Bully Alfa clan need help east coast server if you can join let me know. All started because we didn’t agree to stay away from the mounds of the dead

If you weren’t strong enough to take them on, you should have agreed.

We are but they brought clan from another server and teamed with another clan they were allied with

Agree until you get to a point where you can take them on. I hate clan bullying!

If I read your reaction, I love PVP.

I don’t really see this as bullying. They are the alpha, they made a rule. Your options are:

  1. Find another server.
  2. Tell them to #^%} themselves, then get wiped.
  3. Agree to it, and live without mounds.
  4. Agree to it. Build up as much as possible and possibly team up with other tribes to take them out.

It sounds like you went for option 2.


They also like finding people on Facebook and send there pic around they take it to a place it shouldn’t go they are extremely toxic

Well this is actually cyber harassment and in many states could be sent to the police. I know in Canada if this happens and someone stalks your FB you can report it to the Authorities. And even if it is on the official Conan forum the police can take action.

Not how id do it. But it can be done.

I don’t think this would fall under the category of cyber-harassment, it seems more like they are recruiting on Facebook in order to find people that want to be given gear with which to fight and do PvP without the grinding to get the gear. Pretty scummy, but probably not illegal.

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You shouldn’t talk about something you know nothing about! Scummy is what they did finding people’s Facebook page and spreading there photos around the server talking crap. Recruiting people to wipe that scum is the rite thing to do!

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I know plenty about it, I was saying that the alpha clan was scummy for recruiting on Facebook, but it wasn’t illegal.

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Oh I’m sorry I thought you were talking about me recruiting I didn’t know they were on fb but I know Kat posted something on Reddit a few days ago. And a few of them his there ID so people couldn’t point them out

They have taken over a few servers I hope a clan stops them

I gotta say I’m lost at this point.

And people ask me why I play PVE.

This is like an HOA to me. You know the rules going in can adversely affect you. They are adversely affecting you.

This is not a surprise.


Stop. This is a game. Unless they are threatening your person or property in the real world, take it down a notch or 700,532.

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Im being realistic. If someone is harassing in game…that is fine. But if someone begins taking this out of game, to social media and tracking down players on their Facebook accounts that is no longer part of the game. That’s the opposite of the game. That has nothing to do with the game nor any game. In fact that is no longer funny.

The person mentioned that they have taken things in game and brought it to their facebooks.

Harassment in game is fine. Because its easy to leave and start on a private server or even start your own private server.

When you blur the lines of a game and you take it to real life, to assert your e-peen on public sites then you need to be prepared for someone to take action over it.

If I disagree with someone in game and it turns ugly. You deal with it through game mechanics.

You start hounding me in the real world by contacting me, attacking me or harassing me during my offline time. Then I will engage in real world PVP. And that can mean many legal repercussions.

Then again. I am unlikely to do this myself, others may.


Ok, now I see what’s going on, I thought that the statement was that the alpha was recruiting people through Facebook in order to defend their position, but now that I read it again I see that the alpha was finding members of the opposing clan’s Facebook page in order to harass them using personal information. Yes that is a terrible way to behave, and right up there with DDOSing someone as far as taking it to a level out of the game that it shouldn’t be taken to.

I apologize for my misunderstanding, nail those creeps to the wall. If you’re on Xbox let me know and I’ll help grind so that you can take them down, I don’t have a Facebook account so I’m not scared.


What is ddosing they have a person who does that supposedly but idk what that means

Yep in other words cyberstalking. I try to tell everyone I play with to never share gamer tags on social media or participate in non official unmoderated gaming forums. There’s toxic people who play pvp games and then there’s mentally unstable people who are willing to take things next level with actual crime.
if someone is harassing or stalking you outside the game you can file a police report if it’s serious enough. Threats, harassment etc. Conflict in a video game is not an invitation to stalking and harassing people in real life.