Bullying and server wiping

Game mode: online
Xbox bully’s and server wiping

We are on server 2801 and there is a bunch of bully’s talking crap about my Friend who’s disabled and making fun of us for our plays style and they were gloating about them going on server and server wiping people for no reason and on this server there was a glitch of getting levels a long time ago they abused the glitch and they all got level 60 in a half of a day i know they were glitching because I was over hearing others saying they glitched there gamer tags on Xbox is XxAdamSRxX77 debassige Broadwolf73
BroWheresDANIEL if a funcom employee sees this please take action on this my friend is devastated about them being mean and raiding him and if u need to get ahold of me or my friend my gamer tag is jumbofuzzball15 And my friend is Firewolf CO
Thanks the main one who’s bullying is BroWheresDANIEL

sadly funcom don’t have the manpower to police the official servers. there are simply too many of them:

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This is getting out of hand with trolls and bully’s and I thought funcom was cracking down on this stuff these guys are glich abusers and bully’s going server to server wipeing servers for no reason I can have 3 others back me up that they admitted to going server to server wipeing people and trash talking my friend please this is serious last night caused my Friend medical trouble.

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