Bullying help us!


On ps4 official server #3500 my clan is being bullied by another clan. They built a wall around our base and a very large area. According to this rules this is not allowed and a ban-able offense. The homophobic comments from this other player are also very disgusting. What can our clan do to remedy this situation? (I am unable to upload the pictures)

You and your clan should be able to go to their playstation profiles and report them, use the pictures and take screen shot of everything you can

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Here are two ways to upload pictures from the PS4 if you didn’t know this already

If you have a USB device, you can copy your screenshots from the PS4 capture gallery and upload the pictures from flashdrive or external hard drive to your computer so you can post pictures from the PS4

Another alternative is to use the PlayStation Messages mobile app;

If you have a mobile device and the PlayStation messages app, you can send/share your screenshots to a friend or yourself, and use the download image feature to later upload the images from the PS4 onto the forums or anywhere else, while browsing the web on mobile, if you wish

The PlayStation mobile messages app is synced to your account when you are logged in, if you need to retrieve your screenshots to post them later

Aim to document all the bullying/abuse that goes on and make sure that you provide all the in-game names and clans they belong to, And the accounts tied to the bullies so that action can be taken quickly without a doubt, to stop their bad behavior

The more detailed information you give them like when and where and why, the better and faster accurate actions can be taken

Don’t forget to first - Report the players to Sony and hope of that they will take care of the problem for you before needing to make a complaint on the forums

On official servers players have a couple of choices:

  • if there is abuse/griefing/exploits then report via the FunCom link;
  • PvP, especially on Official Servers will always attract bullies and kids with attitudes so look at PvP Private servers where there are active Admins;
  • do screenshots of any abusive behaviour and try to record playernames, etc. and report them too.

Try contacting @Ignasi, or @Hugo via pm with ur screenshots

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