Burn Time for Thralls

I have the wheel and a thrall (candidate) and the pot with gruel but how do I set burn time on a PC?

what do you mean with burn time? you have to press the play button in the top of the wheel interface, just as you have to with furnaces etc.

I’m on PC so I press E which brings up the crafting menus. I have gruel in the pot which is step 1, and a thrall which is step 2. Step 3 is burn time, but I can’t make it use the gruel.

You need the gruel in the inventory of the wheel, not in the pot. The pot only comes into play once the thrall is done taming.

even then that only applies to fighter/archer/entertainer

don´t forget about those precious bearers! :wink:

you mean the pack harvester that they are good for lol


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