Button Hitboxes lower than actual boxes

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: America

The hit boxes for the buttons on any screen except for the main menu are below the actual buttons on the screens.

I have already upgraded my video drivers without any help there.

The first screen this happens on is the server selection list. And it happens on every gui screen within the game. There really aren’t any steps to take, it is there all the time.

This started after the previous update. Been waiting to see if it would go away.

i had this issue also…a fix for me was to change the screen ratio until it lined up. ( in game settings )
hope this helps

I also had this happen and cured it by matching the desktop and in-game resolution. It took several restarts of the game to ‘lock in’, but never returned. Also, I run Windowed Fullscreen.

I suspect this is what @Cynn was driving at.

Best of luck !



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Hey @Animusmontus

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Could you let us know which resolution you used ingame and in your desktop if it’s different?

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