Button to hide off-hand weapon appearance

As the title says, can Funcom implement a button in the vanity window so we can hide the appearance of the off-hand weapon when we play in PVE?

There’s already an UI mod where we can do that (‘Strange’ or ‘DefaultUIEnhanced’, not sure), but it’s not compatible with the new alterations Funcom made to the UI (vanity weapons).

Many times I like to play without the shield of my DT and Guardian, and it doesn’t look bad when I hide the second weapon of my Conq and Barb also (at least to me). It feels more as I see in films & books, and is the way I always imagine a swordfight.

I’m also partial of magic users without staffs, wands or anything at all, but in this context some of the animations may seem a bit silly. On the other way, I don’t remember if I ever tried with a magic user.

So, in theory the option is possible. Could Funcom implement it? Or, does anyone know a way to use the mod? Almost sure it’s ‘DefaultUIEnchanced’. I have it ‘half’ installed, so I can use it’s other features that are compatible with the changes.

I would be very grateful to anyone (Funcom or otherwise) that could help. And maybe other people would like it also. As of now, I’m undecided if I use one UI or the other.

Bump. Guess no one cares. :slight_smile:

It was a glitch.

I just use IKOS. Simple